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Letter from the President:


Dear PSAE Members,

It is my privilege to serve you as the 2017-2018 PSAE President.  A note of gratitude to James Ireland, Associate Executive Director at the Allegheny County Medical Society, in passing the PSAE Presidential Seal to me that I may lead the organization for the upcoming year and it looks to be an exciting one.  The PSAE Board of Directors just completed their July Board Retreat where a focus on growing the PSAE is a priority.  Leading into the Board Retreat, we asked a select group of organization executives to provide their input on how the PSAE could serve the not-for-profit associations of Pittsburgh.  A key theme from the discussion was Meetings with Meaningful Programming; meetings that provide education, networking and professional development.

This upcoming year the PSAE Monthly Programs will provide education on leadership, strategic growth and association management.  Networking events will be scheduled throughout the year for members to grow in business, career and community.  In the end, the association seeks to provide its members with growth and guidance for their professional development.  To assist us in achieving this plan, the PSAE is searching for a new association administrator.  If you or a business associate is interested in becoming the PSAE association administrator, please visit the PSAE website for details on the tasks and responsibilities of the position as well as how to apply.

Another change this year will be moving the PSAE monthly meetings from the first Friday of each month to the fourth Wednesday.  We envision this moving providing a better opportunity for members to attend.  The first meeting will be on September 27, 2017 and will be held at the Allegheny County Medical Society in Pittsburgh.  Ms. Felicia McKinney, Point Park University Manager-Social Media, will provide the lunch presentation on Marketing to Millennials.  More information will be coming soon.  We hope you all can attend.

This commitment to growing the PSAE cannot be achieved without the commitment of members such as yourself and your support of the organization.  We, the PSAE Board, are asking you to continue by renewing your membership today.  We thank you for entrusting us with the organization’s direction and adherence to its mission to serve the association executives of Pittsburgh.  To ensure the PSAE exceeds its mission, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the PSAE Board Members with your thoughts on how the PSAE can achieve their goals.

I am looking forward to a great year.  Thank you.

Brian Bliss, CAE

2017-2018 President

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